Erectile Dysfunction

  • Thorsten Reffelmann
  • Robert A. KlonerEmail author
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Erectile dysfunction is commonly defined as the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The prevalence, as estimated in a cross-sectional national probability survey in the United States (men aged 40 years and more, May 2001–January 2002), was 22% with significant increase with aging (Laumann, J Sex Med, 4:57–65, 2007). A similar prevalence of 19.2% was found in an urban area in Germany (30–80 years of age), with an increase from 2% among the youngest group to 53% in the oldest group (Braun, Int J Impot Res, 12:305–311, 2000). Twenty-six new cases per 1000 men were the estimated annual incidence of erectile dysfunction determined in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study (40- to 69-year-old men) (Johannes, J Urol, 163:460–463, 2000).


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