Neutral and Non-neutral Flux Tube Equilibria

  • Oliver AllansonEmail author
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In this chapter we calculate exact 1D collisionless plasma equilibria for a continuum of flux tube models, for which the total magnetic field is made up of the ‘force-free’ Gold-Hoyle (GH) magnetic flux tube embedded in a uniform and anti-parallel background magnetic field. For a sufficiently weak background magnetic field, the axial component of the total magnetic field reverses at some finite radius. The presence of the background magnetic field means that the total system is not exactly force-free, but by reducing its magnitude, the departure from force-free can be made as small as desired. The DF for each species is a function of the three constants of motion; namely, the Hamiltonian and the canonical momenta in the axial and azimuthal directions. Poisson’s equation and Ampère’s law are solved exactly, and the solution allows either electrically neutral or non-neutral configurations, depending on the values of the bulk ion and electron flows. These equilibria have possible applications in various solar, space, and astrophysical contexts, as well as in the laboratory.


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