Human Security and Development in Myanmar: Issues and Implications

  • Moe ThuzarEmail author
Part of the Security, Development and Human Rights in East Asia book series (SDHRP)


This chapter addresses the situation in Myanmar, a country now facing acute human security challenges in the course of historical reform. The stakeholders mentioned such pressing issues as environment and climate change, urbanization, migration, peacebuilding, and poverty reduction. The author argues that the “Japanese approach” to human security will work well in the Myanmar context where building a culture of trust among different interest groups is at stake. The ASEAN and its development partners can leverage ASEAN’s constructive engagement mechanisms in pursuing human security in Myanmar, as demonstrated by the relief operations during Cyclone Nargis in 2008. The model of consultation developed during that crisis may be applicable to ending the Rakhine communal clashes and the resultant exodus of Rohingya refugees.


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