Autism Sohayika: A Web Portal to Provide Services to Autistic Children

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Autism is increasing at a significant rate in the whole world as well as in Bangladesh. It is unfortunate that, there is major lacking of awareness and support system for autism in Bangladesh. As a consequence of the advancement of technology, Internet is accessible to more people. Internet based support system for autism is the demand of the day for autistic children and their parents. The purpose of this research is to design and develop an online support system (Autism Sohayika<Autism Help>) for autistic children and their parents in context of Bangladesh. In this paper, the need of all possible stakeholders (e.g., donors, autistic kids, and parents) is demonstrated and reviewed the existing online applications to develop a conceptual framework and then materialize the framework by implanting the online portal, named- Autism Sohayika<Autism Help>. The portal was evaluated with 19 participants. The evaluation results show that the developed system is effective, efficient, useful and acceptable to all users.


Autism Web portal Autism detection Autism Spectrum Disorder ICT 


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