View Abstraction for Systems with Component Identities

  • Gavin LoweEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10951)


The parameterised verification problem seeks to verify all members of some family of systems. We consider the following instance: each system is composed of an arbitrary number of similar component processes, together with a fixed number of server processes; processes communicate via synchronous message passing; in particular, each component process has an identity, which may be included in messages, and passed to third parties. We extend Abdulla et al.’s technique of view abstraction, together with techniques based on symmetry reduction, to this setting. We give an algorithm and implementation that allows such systems to be verified for an arbitrary number of components. We show how this technique can be applied to a concurrent datatype built from reference-linked nodes, such as a linked list. Further, we show how to capture the specification of a queue or of a stack.



I would like to thank Tom Gibson-Robinson for useful discussions concerning this work, and for extending the FDR4 API to support various functions necessary for the implementation from Sect. 6.1.


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