Echoes of Exile: Genocide and Displacement Studies in the Undergraduate Music Curriculum



This chapter provides an overview of several assignments and activities used to align academic- and performance-based music curricula with the “Echoes of Exile” concert offered as part of the 2016–2017 National Endowment for the Humanities/Kupferberg Holocaust Center (NEH/KHC) Colloquium Series, “Fleeing Genocide: Displacement, Exile and the Refugee.” The concert featured exile-inspired works (including a new commission), traced genocide and refugee experiences through multiple generations, and highlighted the human dimension of displacement. Through various creative assignments that resulted in performances and written artifacts, students were invited to listen and think critically and in context; engage with a wide range of musical testimonies; mediate between the self and “the other”; more fully experience historical events; and examine the tradition and the inherent fluidity of all music, which parallels the refugee experience.


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