Terahertz-Driven Phase Transition in a Hot Rydberg Vapour

  • Christopher G. WadeEmail author
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We use a weak terahertz-frequency field (\(I_{\mathrm{{T}}} \ll 1\) Wm\(^{-2}\)) to drive a non-equilibrium phase transition in a hot caesium Rydberg vapour. We measure a phase diagram in the parameter space of terahertz field and laser detuning, and we find a linear shift of the critical laser detuning with coefficient \(-179\pm 2\) MHzW\(^{-1}\)m\(^{-2}\). Considering the system as a terahertz detector we calculate sensitivity, \(S \approx 90\) \(\upmu \)Wm\(^{2}\)Hz\(^{-1/2}\). The phase transition is accompanied by hysteresis and bistability, allowing the system to act as a latch controlled by a 1 ms terahertz pulse with energy of order 10 fJ.


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