Drive Sweden: An Update on Swedish Automation Activities

  • Jan HellåkerEmail author
  • Jesper Gunnarson
  • Philip King
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Drive Sweden is a government-sponsored cross-collaboration platform aiming to design and pilot the future transportation system, based on connected, automated and shared vehicles. Drive Sweden works as a unifying force between a range of stakeholders, and is complementing industry investments with discretionary use of government funding. The paper describes the overall effort within the Drive Sweden program, and goes into some detail about one of the sub-projects; the AD Aware Traffic Control project which was one of the last year’s most important accomplishments. It was designed to provide a centralized traffic control function that facilitated the exchange of data from OEM’s and third-party suppliers of traffic/weather information to aid the management of self-driving vehicles.


Autonomous cars Autonomous shuttles User acceptance Cloud services 


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    Gunnarson J, King P, Gråsjö Svensk PO, et al (2017) Autonomous driving aware traffic control—Final Report, VINNOVAGoogle Scholar

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