Deployment of Automated Trucking: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Johan EngströmEmail author
  • Richard Bishop
  • Steven E. Shladover
  • Michael C. Murphy
  • Laurence O’Rourke
  • Tom Voege
  • Bob Denaro
  • Richard Demato
  • Divya Demato
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Based on the outcomes from the automated trucking breakout session at the 2017 Automated Vehicles Symposium, this Chapter reviews the current state-of-the-art of automated trucking applications and discusses key factors expected to influence their deployment. It is suggested that a key challenge for the deployment of automation in the trucking domain is that the business models are typically linked to specific and strongly heterogeneous transport operations, each of which associated with a specific set of deployment factors. To handle this complexity, strategic partnerships are expected to be formed between stakeholders, where business models and other deployment factors can be addressed jointly, and in a step-wise fashion, for specific automated trucking operations.


Trucking Automation State-of-the-art Deployment Platooning Highway automation Business models Safety assurance regulation Public acceptance and trust Automation impacts on labor 



The authors would like to thank the panelists at 2017 AVS trucking breakout session, Bill Kahn (Peterbilt), Andrew Pilkington (Bendix), Steve Boyd (Peloton), Osman Altan (FHWA), Max Fuller (US Xpress), John Schroer (Tennessee DOT), Richard Makowski (Ohio DOT), Charlie Collins (Rep., Arkansas), Franklin Josey (Volvo), Alden Woodrow (Uber ATG), Kelly Regal (FMCSA), Greg Larson (Caltrans) and Bryan Jones (Martin Brower), as well as the audience for the lively discussions that were a key input to the present Chapter.

We also thank Byron Stanley (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), David Cist and Babak Memarzadeh (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.) for organizing a very interesting second deep dive on Localizing Ground Penetrating Radar for Robust Autonomous Lane-Keeping. However, since this session addressed enabling technology rather than deployment, it was not covered in the present Chapter.


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