Zionist “Buy National” Campaigns in Interwar Palestine

  • Hizky Shoham
Part of the Palgrave Critical Studies of Antisemitism and Racism book series (PCSAR)


This chapter investigates the conditions in which a “buy national” campaign turns from a positive campaign for “our” prosperity into a negative one against “theirs,” that is, boycott. It uses the Zionist “buy national” campaigns in interwar Palestine as a case in point. It explores the possible villains these campaigns could single out: the British imperial power, the rival Arab-Palestinian nationalist movement, and after 1933, Nazi Germany. Although Zionist “buy national” campaigns seldom called on consumers to boycott the products of a particular group, their intensity was directly linked to the intensity of the ethnonational conflict over Palestine and the immediate presence of a rival nationalist movement.

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  • Hizky Shoham
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