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Table 4.3 Codes for identifying themes in the texts

From: The Child’s Best Interest Principle across Child Protection Jurisdictions

Code name Code description and criteria for including or excluding text
Child’s future Includes factors concerning the future of the child and/or a long-term perspective for the child, including mentioning the situation of the child as an adult
Child’s identity Includes text that raises considerations of the child’s individual characteristics, cultural inheritance or other aspects that may be important to the child’s identity
Child’s needs Includes factors about the needs of the child, physical and emotional support and care, personal development, education, nutrition, stimulation and activation. This code does not include references to general terms of the child’s well-being, such as best interests, the need for stability or the child’s relationship with the parent/caregiver (covered by other codes)
Child’s participation Includes statements about participation for and/or involvement of children, including hearing the child’s viewpoint, feelings, wishes, meaning and opinions
Child’s relationship Includes considerations of the child’s relationship with a caregiver or a parent, and/or with the family or a wider network of relations. It also includes text concerning the ‘biological principle’ and/or the importance of the biological family
Parent’s perspective Includes text about the rights and/or capacity of parent(s) or caregiver(s) to take care of the child and/or their caregiving or parental skills, and/or their views or opinions
Protection Includes factors about protection of the child against harm or risk of harm, and/or considerations of prior experiences of harm or potential future risk situations
Permanency Includes text related to the importance of permanency or stability of the emotional and/or physical living conditions and upbringing of the child
Weight and procedures Includes text that states how the best interests of the child should be weighed against other principles or rights, and/or how material factors should be ranked and/or whether a time frame is mentioned