Cloud Migration Tools: Overview and Comparison

  • Awatef BalobaidEmail author
  • Debatosh Debnath
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In recent years, the use of cloud computing has increased significantly, where remote servers perform computing tasks including analytics, storage, processing, networking, database management, and other business functions over the internet. This ubiquitous computing provides business advantages in terms of productivity, scalability, performance, along with reliability and demographic availability. Businesses including modern day commerce industries are moving to cloud based platforms to reduce cost and increase performance. Many organizations are now migrating towards cloud due to its favorable features. Therefore, it is important for the organizations to have a migration strategy that can ensure an effective migration. In this regards the cloud migration tools can play a significant role. However, there are many research has been done as it is still a comparatively newer topic. In fact, there are only a limited number of research articles available on cloud migration tools. In this paper, we focus on different cloud migration tools and draw a comparison between them. We also analyze the cloud migration and associated aspects of the migration process.


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