Trends in Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime

  • Jonathan D. Rosen
  • Hanna Samir Kassab


This chapter examines the trends in drug trafficking and organized crime. It begins with an analysis of the case of drug trafficking and organized crime in Colombia, which has played a crucial role in the drug trafficking supply-chain. Colombia also has been a critical ally of the United States in its war on drugs. The US government, for example, invested billions of dollars trying to increase security in this country and combat organized crime through an initiative known as Plan Colombia. What have been the results of such efforts? The chapter then turns to drug trafficking and organized crime in Mexico, focusing on the militarization of the war on drugs. It examines the nature of drug cartels and organized crime in Mexico, focusing on how such organizations have evolved over time. The chapter then explores the relationship between Mexico and the United States and evaluates the role of strategies such as the Mérida Initiative. Next, the chapter turns to the issue of human trafficking and examines the role that organized crime groups play in this enterprise. The chapter concludes with an analysis of what constitutes success as well as some potential future challenges.

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