Computer Diveware

  • B. R. Wienke
  • T. R. O’Leary
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A potpourri of diving software packages (diveware) available on the market are described briefly. They are chosen because of their widespread use, utility, historical perspectives and diver popularity. New ones are coming online every day. They are popularly categorized as dissolved gas, dissolved gas with GFs, pseudo-bubble and bubble models. Dissolved gas, dissolved gas with GFs and pseudo-bubble models are collectively termed neo-Haldane models. In neo-Haldane models, M-values and Z-values are reduced compared to the original USN and ZHL compilations. The RGBM and VPM are the only true bubble models of interest and commercially available in diveware and computers.


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  • B. R. Wienke
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  • T. R. O’Leary
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  2. 2.NAUI Technical Diving OperationsRiverviewUSA

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