Transient Dynamics of Perturbations in Astrophysical Discs

Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 454)


This chapter reviews some aspects of one of the major unsolved problems in understanding astrophysical (in particular, accretion) discs: whether the disc interiors may be effectively viscous in spite of the absence of magnetorotational instability. In this case, a rotational homogeneous inviscid flow with a Keplerian angular velocity profile is spectrally stable, making the transient growth of perturbations a candidate mechanism for energy transfer from regular motion to perturbations. Transient perturbations differ qualitatively from perturbation modes and can grow substantially in shear flows due to the non-normality of their dynamical evolution operator. Since the eigenvectors of this operator, alias perturbation modes, are mutually nonorthogonal, they can mutually interfere, resulting in transient growth of their linear combinations. Physically, a growing transient perturbation is a leading spiral whose branches are shrunk as a result of the differential rotation of the flow. This chapter discusses in detail the transient growth of vortex shear harmonics in the spatially local limit as well as methods for identifying the optimal (fastest growth) perturbations. Special attention is given to obtaining such solutions variationally, by integrating the direct and adjoint equations forwards and backwards in time, respectively. The material is presented in a newcomer-friendly style.


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