Definitions and Nomenclature

  • Daniel Müller
  • David I. Groves
Part of the Mineral Resource Reviews book series (MIRERE)


In the last century, petrologists generated many names for potassic igneous rocks which were either based on their mineralogy or, more commonly for new rock-types, based on a type locality. These different names for essentially similar rocks from different localities led to great confusion in the literature. This Chapter seeks to provide an overview and a classification of those rocks. “Potassic igneous rocks” is used as an umbrella term to describe those rocks which are silica-saturated and more K-rich than typical igneous rocks (i.e. K > Na). The group includes subduction-related high-K calc-alkaline rocks and shoshonites, high-K rocks from within-plate tectonic settings, and hypabyssal high-K rocks such as shoshonitic and alkaline lamprophyres. In this book, ‘adakites’, which are defined by high LILE, low HFSE, and high whole-rock Sr/Y and La/Yb ratios, are considered as part of the group of potassic igneous rocks due to their similar geochemical compositions.


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