The Arctic Dimension in Sino-Russian Relations

  • Christopher Weidacher HsiungEmail author
  • Tom Røseth


This chapter presents a new region of cooperation between China and Russia, that of the Arctic. The authors show how Russia has moved from initial reluctance towards Chinese engagement in the north, towards a policy of facilitating closer cooperation with China. As such, the development towards cooperation in Arctic also confirms the larger trend of closer relations between Moscow and Beijing. Russia has accepted China as an observer into the Arctic Council, and has invited China in developing energy projects and the Northern Sea Route (NSR). The authors also note that China is aware of the strategic importance Russia attaches to the Arctic, and Beijing has reassured Moscow that it does not seek to challenge Russian interests in the region.


Arctic Council Arctic Ocean Northern Sea Route Yamal LNG UNCLOS Coast Guard UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf Polar Silk Road COSCO Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) CNOOC 


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