1920s: The Nation Body

  • Ellie Guerrero


This chapter sets the stage for dance’s vital role in Mexico from 1920–1950 representing ideas of nationhood through movement on the stage. In 1910 the people of Mexico took up arms to overthrow dictator Porfirio Díaz. The revolution ended triumphantly in 1920. President Obregón (1920–24) organized performances such as the Gran Noche Mexicana festival in 1921 to reach massive audiences and promote national unity. Concert dance was a point of convergence across disciplines and relied on state support. Minister of Education José Vasconcelos promoted the arts to shape the collective imagination. Prominent Mexican composers and visual artists got involved. This chapter introduces the Cosmic Generation, a group of artists, composers, and choreographers whose mixing was interdisciplinary rather than Vasconcelos’s ethnic concept of the “cosmic race.”



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