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In this chapter, we ask what happens when a quantum system is in contact with its environment. To describe this, we need a more general concept of the quantum state, namely the density matrix. We study the density matrix, and how it describes both classical and quantum uncertainty. This also naturally leads to a description of quantum systems at a non-zero temperature. We conclude this chapter with a short discussion on how entropy arises in quantum mechanics.

Supplementary material (193 kb)
Supplementary material 1: A Mach–Zehnder interferometer with a removable beam splitter (zip 193 KB) (261 kb)
Supplementary material 2: A Mach–Zehnder interferometer where the photon interacts with the environment (zip 261 KB) (499 kb)
Supplementary material 3: Locating a particle in a box (zip 498 KB) (530 kb)
Supplementary material 4: Erasing information will increase the entropy (zip 530 KB)


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