A System of Innovation to Activate Practices on Open Data: The Open4Citizens Project

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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 95)


The increasing production of data is encouraging government institutions to consider the potential of open data as a public resource and to publish a large number of public datasets. This is configuring a new scenario in which open data are likely to play an important role for democracy and transparency and for new innovation possibilities, in relation to the creation of a new generation of public services based on open data.

In this context, though, it is possible to observe an asymmetry between the supply side of open data and the demand side. While more and more institutions are producing and publishing data, there is no public awareness of the way in which such data can be used, nor is there a diffuse practice to work with those data.

The definition of a practice for a large use of data is the aim of the Open4Citizens project, which promoted initiatives at different levels: at the level of immediate interaction between citizens, experts and open data, at the level of the creation of an ecosystem to work with data and at a level that could support the institutionalisation and consolidation of the new practice.


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