Virtual Reality as a Tool for Teaching Architecture

  • Guilherme Valle Loures BrandãoEmail author
  • Wilian Daniel Henriques do Amaral
  • Caio Augusto Rabite de Almeida
  • Jose Alberto Barroso Castañon
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Every year many technologies are developed and implemented in such a way that fundamentally alters how we create, develop and interact with the environment. Virtual Reality has been broadly spread on architecture by allowing users to immerse on a digital universe or in an unbuilt project simulation. On engineering and architecture, project solutions and proposal visualization are essential for the diverse steps understanding and new project solutions development. Such tools help on speeding up processes, iterate and explore digital models faster and create the best solutions. The insertion of contents that support the student formation related to new technologies is an important step towards the qualification of future architects to new design tendencies. This paper aims to evaluate the further training methods on graphic representation and architectural design aid tools at the Juiz de Fora Federal University (UFJF). For this purpose, the use and evaluation of a VR experience used to show several architectural projects designed by the architecture students from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora presentations. The work starts from the premise that the technology applied to mobile devices such as cellphones or virtual reality goggles are reasonably cheap to acquire and become familiar to the student if presented on the first stages of learning, achieving a deep and complex status as the alumni progresses towards graduation. To conclude, it is perceived that after an initial adaptation period there was a perceivable acceptation and architectonic design comprehension by students.


Architecture Design process Teaching Virtual reality Technology 



The authors thank CAPES and the PROAC - Built Environment Graduate Programme from Federal University of Juiz de Fora for the support received during this work execution.


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  • Guilherme Valle Loures Brandão
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    Email author
  • Wilian Daniel Henriques do Amaral
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  • Caio Augusto Rabite de Almeida
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  • Jose Alberto Barroso Castañon
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  1. 1.Universidade Federal de Juiz de ForaJuiz de ForaBrazil

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