Theory and Practice of Social Innovation to Support Open ICT Ecosystems for Improved User Experience: The Case of UDRC

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The dominant rhetoric of smart cities is mainly grounded in the large scale adoption and implementation of cutting-edge technological innovation by local governments and cities all over the world. Responsible context sensitive and social innovations are key complementary drivers to reduce digital divide within and between cities and promote dividends and human value such as dignity, inclusion, urban upgrading, participation and better user experience. This research reports on the continuous efforts performed at the Iranian Urban Development and Revitalization Corporation (UDRC), from February to August 2017, to implement social innovation for urban upgrading by redesigning it’s website as open ICT ecosystems for improved user experience. The CUBI UX model is applied and continuous remote user research is conducted for three months to measure and understand the user experience of the old website. Then, after redesigning the old version of the website into a new one, interactive prototyping and implementation, user experience is being measured during the next three months. Finally, comparative analysis of user experience measures between the old and the new version of the website are presented and discussed.


Social innovation Open ICT ecosystems User research User experience Web analytics 


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  1. 1.Shahid Beheshti (National) University (of Iran)TehranIran

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