Business Process Crowdsourcing: Model and Case Study

  • Nguyen Hoang Thuan
Part of the Progress in IS book series (PROIS)


There are many calls for further studying business process crowdsourcing (BPC), especially how to guide organisations in their BPC establishment. Addressing these calls, a few models and frameworks of crowdsourcing processes have been proposed. However, they focus more on technical aspects of crowdsourcing systems rather than the business processes operated on these systems. Furthermore, most of the models proposed so far have not yet been empirically evaluated. Fulfilling the identified gap, this chapter develops a conceptual model guiding organisations to establish BPC. Using the identified building blocks extracted in the previous chapter, we constructed a process model of BPC consisting of seven components faithfully representing BPC. The model was evaluated using the case study approach. Two real crowdsourcing projects were used for this evaluation. The results indicate that the model is adequate and useful in structuring the main crowdsourcing activities.

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  1. 1.Faculty of Information TechnologyCan Tho University of TechnologyCan Tho CityVietnam

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