The Multicriteria Model Support to Decision in the Evaluation of Service Quality in Customer Service

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Understanding the needs of the customer is one of the key factors in achieving competitive advantage. For that reason, the expectation associated to the management of the relationship with the client are very challenging. In context, we observed the need to identify the factors that go in a successful customer service in order to monitor the quality of such service. The purpose of this paper is to identify and classify influencing elements of the customer’s satisfaction with after sales service using a multi-criteria model of decision. We contextualize customer relationship marketing and then we use cognitive mapping to pinpoint the factors that are more relevant and that affect the client’s overall satisfaction with the post sales service.


Software release planning Multi-objective optimization Verbal decision analysis ZAPROS III-i 



The second author thanks the National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) through grants # 304747/2014-9. The authors thank the Edson Queiroz Foundation/University of Fortaleza and FINEP (Funding Agency for Studies and Projects) for all the support provided.


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