Advanced Study to Heat and Mass Transfer in Arbitrary Shape Porous Materials: Foundations, Phenomenological Lumped Modeling and Applications

  • E. S. Lima
  • W. M. P. B. Lima
  • Antonio Gilson Barbosa de LimaEmail author
  • S. R. de Farias Neto
  • E. G. Silva
  • V. A. B. Oliveira
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 93)


This chapter provides information related to simultaneous heat and mass transfer in unsaturated porous bodies with particular reference to drying process of arbitrarily-shaped solids. Several important topics such as drying theory, moisture migration mechanisms, lumped and distributed modeling for homogeneous and heterogeneous bodies, and applications are presented and discussed. Herein, a new phenomenological and advanced lumped-parameter model written in any coordinate system is presented, and the analytical solutions of the governing equations, limitations of the modeling and general theoretical results are discussed. The proposed model includes different effects such as shape of the body (hollow or not hollow), heat and mass generation, and coupled heating, evaporation and convection phenomena.


Drying Heat Mass Theoretical Complex shape solid 



The authors thank to CNPq, FINEP and CAPES (Brazilian Research Agencies) for financial support and to the authors referred in this text that contributed for improvement of this work.


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