Method for Research of the Human Static Equilibrium Function

  • Yurii Onykiienko
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 754)


The paper deals with problems of determination of the informative indices, which characterize the function of the human balance (human static equilibrium). The kefalographic method for research of the human static equilibrium is suggested. The kefalographic plant for this method implementation was modified. The informative indices, which characterize the space dynamic range and features of the human body oscillations relative to the axis z, were determined. Such indices represent the coefficients, which characterize changes of the sampling mathematical expectation \( K_{{\tilde{m}_{r} }} \), variance \( K_{{\tilde{D}_{r} }} \), skewness \( K_{{\tilde{a}_{r} }} \) and kurtosis \( K_{{\tilde{e}_{r} }} \) for the vector projection of central position the human body.


Kefalography Informative indices Statistic characteristics Human static equilibrium Distribution law Human extreme activity 


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