Cervical Plexus Pain Case Report

  • Chelsey Smith
  • James Y. SuenEmail author


This patient is a 66-year-old white female presenting with severe pain in the right upper neck and jaw area. The pain has been present since being weaned off of a ventilator during an ICU stay for sepsis. She had a tracheostomy placed during her stay in the ICU because of a prolonged need for ventilation. The tracheostomy tube has been removed. Constant in nature, the pain is debilitating for her. She also has pain on both sides of her upper neck and jawline area. She has been on gabapentin, hydrocodone, and alprazolam, and the pain is not controlled.


Cervical plexus nerves Dermatomes for cervical plexus Nerve blocks Elongated styloid process Nerve excisions 


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