Temporomandibular Pain Case Presentation

  • John K. Jones
  • James Y. SuenEmail author


A 23-year-old female presents with a 4-week complaint of pain in the right preauricular/auricular area and limited range of mandibular motion. She has no previous history of similar discomfort. She denies any significant blunt trauma to the face or mandible. By history she was eating a bagel when she had acute pain and a sensation of instability in her right jaw joint. She has noticed a slight change in her occlusion with an inability to make her right posterior teeth touch (posterior open bite). Over time she has noticed that she has slowly regained some of her range of motion, but she still has significant pain especially with opening her mouth. Upon careful history taking, she does have a history of occasional “clicking” of her jaw joints. The noise was not accompanied by any pain or limited range of motion. She specifically denies any parafunctional habits such as clenching or bruxism. She did not seek any treatment until now. She has tried OTC analgesics with limited success in pain relief. She is very concerned about her limited range of motion. In addition the pain that she is experiencing is resulting in lost productivity.


Acute temporomandibular internal derangements Temporomandibular joint Auricular area Temporomandibular pain 


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