Microlensing Maps of the Galaxy

  • Supachai Awiphan
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For longer than a decade, several microlensing surveys have monitored a large number of stars and detected thousands of microlensing events over the Galactic bulge (Hamadache et al. in A & A 454:185, 2006; Popowski et al. in ApJ 631:879, 2005; Sumi et al. in ApJ 591:204, 2003; Sumi et al. in ApJ 636:240, 2006; Sumi et al. in ApJ 778:150, 2013; Wyrzykowski et al. in ApJS 216:12, 2015; Mróz et al. in Nature 548:183, 2017). The microlensing optical depth, average time scale and microlensing rate are key parameters which provide basic information of microlensing events. The theoretical prediction maps of these parameters are very useful for survey area selection for both on-going and future microlensing surveys.


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