Transit Timing Variation and Transmission Spectroscopy Analyses of the Hot Neptune GJ3470b

  • Supachai Awiphan
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The transit method is one of the most effective detection method, detecting more than 2,700 exoplanets, including over 2,300 by Kepler (Morton et al., ApJ 822:86, 2016). The transit method can detect planets ranging in size from Earth to larger than Jupiter. The transit timing variation (TTV) method has been used to find at least 10 additional exoplanets and a hundred of candidates (Agol et al., MNRAS 359:567, 2005, Holman and Murray, Science 307:1288, 2005, Holman et al., Science 330:51, 2010, Ford et al., ApJ 750:113, 2012a, Ford et al., ApJ 756:185, 2012b, Fabrycky et al., ApJ 750:114, 2012, Steffen et al., MNRAS 421:2342, 2012a, Steffen et al. ApJ 756:186, 2012b, Steffen et al. MNRAS 428:1077, 2013, Mazeh et al., ApJS 208:16, 2013).


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