Cryptanalysis of Salsa and ChaCha: Revisited

  • Kakumani K. C. DeepthiEmail author
  • Kunwar Singh
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Stream cipher is one of the basic cryptographic primitives that provide the confidentiality of communication through insecure channel. EU ECRYPT network has organized a project for identifying new stream suitable for widespread adoption where the ciphers can provide a more security levels. Finally the result of the project has identified new stream ciphers referred as eSTREAM. Salsa20 is one of the eSTREAM cipher built on a pseudorandom function. In this paper our contribution is two phases. First phase have two parts. In WCC 2015, Maitra et al. [9] explained characterization of valid states by reversing one round of Salsa20. In first part, we have revisited the Maitra et al. [9] characterization of valid states by reversing one round of Salsa20. We found there is a mistake in one bit change in \(8^{th}\) and \(9^{th}\) word in first round will result in valid initial state. In second part, Maitra et al. [9] as mentioned that it would be an interesting combinatorial problem to characterize all such states. We have characterized nine more values which lead to valid initial states. The combinations \((s_4,s_7)\), \((s_2,s_3)\), \((s_{13},s_{14})\), \((s_1,s_6)\), \((s_1,s_{11})\), \((s_1,s_{12})\), \((s_6,s_{11})\), \((s_6,s_{12})\) and \((s_{11}, s_{12})\) which characterized as valid states.

In second phase, FSE 2008 Aumasson et al. [1] attacked 128-key bit of Salsa20/7 within \(2^{111}\) time and ChaCha6 in within \(2^{107}\) time. After this with best of our knowledge there does not exist any improvement on this attack. In this paper we have attacked 128-key bit of Salsa20/7 within \(2^{107}\) time and ChaCha6 within \(2^{102}\) time. Maitra [8] improved the attack on Salsa20/8 and ChaCha7 by choosing proper IVs corresponding to the 256-key bit. Applying the same concept we have attacked 128-key bit of Salsa20/7 within time \(2^{104}\) and ChaCha7 within time \(2^{101}\).


Stream cipher eSTREAM Salsa ChaCha Non-randomness Quarterround Reverseround Valid states Probabilistic neutral bit (PNB) ARX cipher 


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