State Estimation in Networked Control Systems with Delayed and Lossy Acknowledgments

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In this article, we are concerned with state estimation in Networked Control Systems where both control inputs and measurements are transmitted over networks which are lossy and introduce random transmission delays. We focus on the case where acknowledgment packets transmitted by the actuator upon reception of applicable control inputs are also subject to delays and losses, as opposed to the common notion of TCP-like communication where successful transmissions are acknowledged instantaneously and without losses. As a consequence, the state estimator in the considered setup has only partial and belated knowledge concerning the actually applied control inputs which results in additional uncertainty. We derive an estimator by extending an existing approach for the special case of UDP-like communication which maintains estimates of the applied control inputs that are incorporated into the estimation of the plant state. The presented estimator is compared to the original approach in terms of Monte Carlo simulations where its increased robustness towards imperfect knowledge of the underlying networks is indicated.


State estimation Networked control systems Delays Packet losses Markov jump linear systems IMM filter 



This work is supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG) within the Priority Programme 1914 “Cyber-Physical Networking”.


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