Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Its Suitability for Domestic and Irrigation Use in the Coastal Zone of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

  • Nguyen Dinh Giang NamEmail author
  • Goto Akira
  • Osawa Kazutoshi
  • Nguyen Hieu Trung
  • Nguyen Vo Chau Ngan
Part of the Advances in Global Change Research book series (AGLO, volume 64)


This study evaluated the suitability of groundwater quality for domestic use and irrigation in Vinh Chau District, Soc Trang Province, Vietnam. Water samples from 30 domestic-use and 10 irrigation groundwater wells were collected and their physicochemical parameters were analyzed. Results indicated that, based on WHO and Vietnamese standards, the groundwater quality had good suitability, generally to the medium level, but for drinking purposes some areas were found to require water treatment. Six water quality parameters—sodium adsorption ratio, soluble sodium percentage, permeability index, sodium percentage, residual sodium carbonate, and magnesium adsorption ratio—were calculated and employed for evaluating suitability for irrigation, in addition to electric conductivity. The results showed that the six parameters stayed at the permissible level for irrigation, whereas high sodium and salinity were a concern for irrigation. Use of the Piper trilinear diagram to analyze hydrochemical facies and groundwater types showed that the groundwater samples were in the sodium-potassium-chloride-sulfate category and that sodium water type was dominant.


Groundwater quality Domestic water use Irrigation Suitability 



The authors would like to acknowledge the Division of Natural Resource and Environment of Vinh Chau District, Department of Natural Resource and Environment of Soc Trang Province, and the Can Tho University College of the Environment and Natural Resources Laboratory for providing data and support.


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  • Osawa Kazutoshi
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  • Nguyen Hieu Trung
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  • Nguyen Vo Chau Ngan
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  1. 1.United Graduate School of Agriculture ScienceTokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyTokyoJapan
  2. 2.College of Environment and Natural ResourcesCan Tho UniversityCan ThoVietnam
  3. 3.Department of Hydrological and Environmental EngineeringUtsunomiya UniversityUtsunomiyaJapan

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