Asian Catholicism, Interreligious Colonial Encounters and Dynamics of Secularism in Asia

  • José Casanova
Part of the Global Diversities book series (GLODIV)


The first section of the chapter offers a revisionist account of European secularization in terms of dynamics of state confessionalization and deconfessionalization. The second section presents a reconstruction of the interreligious colonial encounters of the early modern era in Japan and China, mediated by the Jesuits. The final section offers a brief analysis of three different patterns of inculturation of Catholicism in Asia as a key to three different phases of globalization: the early modern phase before Western hegemony, the modern Western hegemonic phase, and the contemporary phase after Western hegemony.


Westphalian confessional state European secularization Jesuit cultural accommodation Colonial interreligious encounters Phases of globalization 

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