A Family Grows

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When I first became a mother, I wrote a “baby book” for my daughter, titled “A Family Grows.” When we think about growth, we often feel as if it follows a predictable path. My Labrador puppy’s future appearance will be similar to her parents and most other labs. A plant seed will (unless my black thumbs thwart it!) become a mature plant with predictable characteristics. However, humans and their families take their own wandering paths. Let me tell you a bit about mine.



None of this would have been possible without:
  • My two wonderful daughters, Maggie and Mariya, the joys of my life, who have grown into such remarkable women

  • My parents and sisters, who showed the way and supported me through thick and thin

  • The birth parents of the girls, who gave them life and love in their early years but who could not provide the help they needed after contracting polio

  • WACAP in the USA and numerous individuals and organizations in India, all of whom cared for the girls until allowing me to adopt them

  • All those who didn’t see only a disability but who gave Maggie and Mariya opportunities to grow and expand their horizons and their potential—doctors, therapists, teachers at every level, coaches, and friends, all far too numerous to name

  • My Saint Peter’s colleagues and those in ACS who didn’t flinch when the girls came to a meeting and who have continued to ask about them

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