Security Management of a Software-Defined Cloud Center

  • Pethuru Raj
  • Anupama Raman
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The software-defined data center infrastructure in its entirety contains a wide gamut of technologies like Cloud, big data, mobile devices, and Internet of things. Each of these technological components is susceptible to various types of security vulnerabilities and threats which can render them ineffective. It is very important to ensure that the infrastructure components are adequately safeguarded from various security breaches. The crux of the lesson is the techniques to be adopted for securing the platforms and technologies which form a part of the software-defined data center ecosystem. The first section of the lesson examines the various security requirements for the software-defined data center infrastructure. From the next section of the lesson onwards, we focus on the security threats which exist in each component. Starting with Cloud platform, the threats which exist for each of the underlying platform of like big data and mobile devices are examined in detail. The various ways and means to tackle the security challenges are also discussed elaborately in the chapter.


Security Confidentiality Integrity Virtual machine Authentication Authorization Audit trial Defense in depth Denial of service 


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