The Distinct Trends and Transitions in the Information Technology (IT) Space

  • Pethuru Raj
  • Anupama Raman
Part of the Computer Communications and Networks book series (CCN)


There is an overwhelming recognition that IT is the real game-changer not only for worldwide businesses but also for the total humanity. The world is investing its talents, treasures, and time on IT, and therefore, there are several noteworthy advancements and accomplishments emerging and evolving in the hot IT field. By sagaciously leveraging those praiseworthy innovations and inventions, business houses across the globe are keeping up the edge earned. All kinds of business acceleration, augmentation, and automation get done through the bevy of IT improvisations. In the recent past, there is a tectonic twist. That is, IT is being adeptly enabled to empower people. All sorts of decision-making, deals, and deeds are being facilitated by IT systems. We can safely anticipate that IT is going to be hugely people-centric hereafter. IT is being tuned for performing not only informational, commercial, and transactional services but also for context-aware, cognitive, and physical services. Humans individually and collectively are getting immensely and immeasurably benefited out of the enigmatic IT. Thus, there is a pioneering and path-breaking impact on people by various evolutions and revolutions in the IT landscape. The disruptions and transformations being brought in by IT are simply incredible. In short, all kinds of industry verticals accelerate their operations, offerings, and outputs through the consistently growing power of IT. Besides IT systems, our everyday devices, machines, instruments, equipment, utensils, wares, consumer electronics, drones, robots, etc., are adequately and adroitly enable to be distinct in their actions and reactions. Physical, mechanical, and electrical systems are IT-enabled to exhibit adaptive behavior in their activities.


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