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After studying Sects. 1 through 5, try your hand at answering the following questions to see if you remember and understand the major concepts. The answers are given in Sect. 8, but do not peek until you have given it an honest try.
  1. 1.

    A calorimeter has a time constant of 15 s. What is the response time?

  2. 2.

    The data in Fig. 7.1 were obtained by titration of a solution containing a mixture of an amine and a sodium salt of a carboxylic acid with a strong acid. Calculate the enthalpy changes for the reactions and the heat of dilution of the titrant. How do you know which is the amine reaction and which is the carboxylate reaction? What is the ratio of moles of amine to carboxylate ions?

  3. 3.

    A protein has multiple binding sites for an unreactive small molecule. The titration curve is given in Fig. 7.2. What can be said about the stoichiometry, binding constants, and enthalpy changes for binding?

  4. 4.

    Injection of 0.15 mL of 0.05 M sulfamic acid in 0.1 M HCl into 2.5 mL of a nitrite solution in 0.1 M HCl gave a temperature rise of 0.0053 °C in a calorimeter with a calorimetric constant of 11.21 J/°C. The reaction is


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