Efficiency of Polymer Fibers in Lightweight Plaster

  • Jakob Sustersic
  • Andrej Zajc
  • Gregor Narobe
Conference paper


In the paper, results of the investigation of fiber-reinforced lightweight plaster (FRLP) with different types of polymer fibers are discussed. The following fibers were used: high-modulus aramid fibers (AR), mid-modulus and high-modulus polypropylene fibers (PP-M and PP-H), polyamide fibers (PA), polyacrylonitrile fibers (PAN), and polyvinyl alcohol fibers (PVA). The behavior of these composites under flexural and compressive load is observed at the age of 28 days and after accelerated aging. Therefore, toughness is evaluated to find out the efficiency of different types of the same volume percentage of fibers but with equal length. Mix proportions of investigated lightweight plasters were the same; only the fiber types were changed. Obtained results show that all used polymer fibers improve toughness of FRLP.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.IRMA Institute for Research in Materials and ApplicationsLjubljanaSlovenia

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