Multilayer Approach for Joint Direct and Transposed Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication for Multithreaded CPUs

  • Ivan ŠimečekEmail author
  • Daniel Langr
  • Ivan Kotenkov
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10777)


One of the most common operations executed on modern high-performance computing systems is multiplication of a sparse matrix by a dense vector within a shared-memory computational node. Strongly related but far less studied problem is joint direct and transposed sparse matrix-vector multiplication, which is widely needed by certain types of iterative solvers. We propose a multilayer approach for joint sparse multiplication that balances the workload of threads. Measurements prove that our algorithm is scalable and achieve high computational performance for multiple benchmark matrices that arise from various scientific and engineering disciplines.


Sparse matrix-vector multiplication Multithreaded execution OpenMP Joint direct and transposed multiplication Scalability 



This research has been supported by CTU internal grant SGS17/215/OHK3/3T/18.


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