Accuracy and Performance Analysis of Time Coherent 3D Animation Reconstruction from RGB-D Video

  • Naveed Ahmed
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 746)


We present an accuracy and performance analysis of Time Coherent 3D Animation Reconstruction methods from RGB-D video. We analyze the existing methods that can reconstruct a time coherent 3D animation using RGB-D video. We also present a modified algorithm using only the RGB data that extends the analysis of existing methods. We show that using all the methods it is possible to reconstruct a time-coherent 3D animation using either only the color data, color and depth data, or only the depth data. We compare all the methods using a number of error measures and analyze the strength and weaknesses of each method in terms of their accuracy and runtime performance. Our analysis demonstrates that given RGB-D video data, it is possible to select the best algorithm for time coherent 3D animation reconstruction under a number of constraints in terms of the required accuracy and runtime performance.


3D animation Kinect Multi-view video Time coherence 3D reconstruction 


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