A Secure, Green and Optimized Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for IMS Network

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IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) is a prominent architectural framework for multimedia services delivery in 4G/5G networks. Authentication is a critical security mechanism which accords authorized users access to these services. As defined by 3rd Generation Partnership Projects (3GPP), IMS- Authentication and Key Agreement protocol (IMS-AKA) is the official authentication procedure in IMS. However, the procedure is prone to different weaknesses both on security (disclosure of identities) and performances (complexity) aspects. This paper proposes an IMS-AKA+ protocol that addresses effectively user’s identities protection by using a key-less cryptography. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm significantly reduces the authentication process complexity due to the use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Simulations were carried out for the IMS-AKA+ protocol and the original IMS-AKA protocol. The results showed that using IMS-AKA+ reduces of up to 28% authentication time is possible, and a saving of 53% of the storage space occurs with an increased security and less energy.


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