Bending of a Cantilever Piezoelectric Semiconductor Fiber Under an End Force

  • Chunli ZhangEmail author
  • Xiaoyuan Wang
  • Weiqiu Chen
  • Jiashi Yang
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 90)


This paper presents a theoretical analysis on the bending and shear of a cantilever ZnO piezoelectric semiconductor fiber under a transverse end force. The phenomenological theory of piezoelectric semiconductors consisting of Newton’s second law of motion, the charge equation of electrostatics, and the conservation of charge of electrons and holes is used. The equations are linearized for a small end force and small electromechanical fields as well as small carrier concentration perturbations. A first-order, one-dimensional theory for the bending of ZnO fibers with shear deformation is derived from the linearized three-dimensional equations. An analytical solution is obtained. The electromechanical fields and carrier concentrations are calculated. It is found that the electric potential is nearly constant along the fiber except near the fixed end of the cantilever, and that the electron distribution over a cross section is due to the transverse shear force and the piezoelectric constant e24.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11202182, 11272281 and 11321202).


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    Email author
  • Xiaoyuan Wang
    • 1
  • Weiqiu Chen
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  • Jiashi Yang
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  2. 2.Department of Mechanical and Materials EngineeringThe University of Nebraska-LincolnLincolnUSA

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