INGELFINGEN: Muschelkalkmuseum Hagdorn Stadt Ingelfingen

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The Muschelkalkmuseum Hagdorn Stadt Ingelfingen holds a collection of more than 25,000 specimens and series of fossils, minerals and rocks, with many published reference specimens and several types. The focus is on the Middle Triassic of Central Europe: (1) Muschelkalk and Lower Keuper vertebrates and invertebrates, (2) Muschelkalk Echinodermata, (3) Triassic Crinoidea worldwide. Smaller collections comprise Echinoidea and Crinoidea from other periods. The material is well documented by traditional paper-labelling and available for research. A 650 m2 exhibition on two floors in a historical wine press building gives insight into the Triassic world on the basis of displayed fossils, replicas, models, graphic artwork and explanatory texts. The Muschelkalkmuseum has no salaried staff. Museum management and research are done on honorary basis. Funding bodies are the Municipality of Ingelfingen, and the Alberti Foundation of the Hohenlohe Muschelkalk Works which is the owner of the collections. The museum is still directed by its founder, Dr. h.c. Hans Hagdorn. For the future, cooperation with a big paleontological museum will be necessary.


Middle Triassic Muschelkalk Lower Keuper Echinodermata Alberti Foundation Honorary management and research 


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