FRICK: Late Triassic Basal Sauropodomorph and Theropod Dinosaurs at the Sauriermuseum Frick, Switzerland

  • Andrea B. Oettl-RieserEmail author
  • Marion Zahner
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The Sauriermuseum Frick (SMF) mainly shows Late Triassic vertebrate fossils from the local Gruhalde clay pit. It is famous for its abundant and well preserved, articulated sauropodomorph dinosaurs attributable, e.g. to Plateosaurus engelhardti. Showcases with impressive findings of a new theropod with stomach contents and the Triassic turtle Proganochelys round off the collection of the museum. Frick represents the most proliferous locality yielding articulated dinosaur skeletons. Due to their excellent preservation and high age, these fossils are of importance for the understanding of early dinosaur evolution and of regional land-ecosystems of the Triassic. In addition to the Triassic dinosaurs, Early Jurassic invertebrates and vertebrates from the same locality are exhibited.


Plateosaurus Proganochelys Theropod Triassic Frick 



We thank Torsten Scheyer from Zurich University for the input based on his recent research on Proganochelys. The manuscript benefited from comments from Iwan Stössel, Rainer Foelix and Winand Brinkmann, all three are members of the Saurierkommission Frick.


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  2. 2.Palaeontological Institute and MuseumUniversity of ZurichZurichSwitzerland

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