• Patrizia Laspia
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I will now briefly summarize the results of my work, highlighting the most original aspects. I believe I am the first to recognize that the framework of the definitions of σύνδεσμος and ἄρθρον of the Poetics (S1, S2, A1, A2) is a chiasmus. Any attempt to expunge one of the two alleged repetitions (S1 or A2) unbalances the economics of the structure; any attempt at interpreting S1 and A2 that does not explain their extreme similarity will prove to be vain. The solution I propose is to see the two lemmas as the expression of a hierarchy of strength: S1 refers to weak σύνδεσμοι, S2 to stronger σύνδεσμοι; conversely, A1 refers to strong ἄρθρα, A2 to weaker ἄρθρα. S1 and A2 also have the same grammatical referents.

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