• Qiyuan Liu
  • Alexander Edward
  • Carlos Briseno-Vidrios
  • Jose Silva-Martinez


This chapter introduces the motivation of employing MASH continuous-time Delta-Sigma modulators (CTΔΣMs) for long-term-evolution advanced (LTE-A), WiFi and next generation wide-bandwidth telecommunication standards. Compared with high-order single-loop implementations, MASH CTΔΣMs show superior stability and overload recovery capability. Therefore, MASH modulators tolerate more out-of-band noise and show a promising potential for wide-bandwidth and low-power capability. Nevertheless, the noise leakage due to the poor matching between analog and digital transfer function and the nonideal inter-stage interfacing are the main limitations of the MASH CTΔΣM topology. The work focuses on the analysis and design of MASH CTΔΣMs. System- and circuit-level design techniques are proposed to enable MASH CTΔΣMs to its full potential. An overview of the scope and organization of the book is also provided in this chapter.


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