Geographic Location and Boundaries of Study Area

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The natural dam lake Cuejdel is situated in the Central Group of the Eastern Carpathians (NE Romania), within Stânișoarei Mountains, part of the Moldavian–Transylvanian Carpathians group. They correspond to the eastern sector of the External Marginal Syncline, with a median position in the flysch chain. The southern subunit of the Stânișoarei Mountains—Neamț Mountains is positioned between Bistrița Valley in the west and Cracău-Bistrița Depression in the east (Moldavian Subcarpathians). The lake was formed in 1991, in the upper hydrographic basin of Cuejdiu, one of the left tributaries of the Bistrița River. The name Cuejdel Lake was given after the hydronym of the brook on which it formed. Etymologically, this word comes from Slavonic (Chivejdi), which means “dry valley” or “river stone”. It is also known as the Cross Lake (in Romanian—Crucii Lake). The most important tributaries are the Pârâul Rotund, Cuejdel, Glodu and Făgetu brooks. The major orographic milestones from the lake basin catchment are Muncelului Peak (1077 m), Tarnițelor Peak—Gârcina Massif (1081 m) and Mătieș Summit (986 m).


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