Natural Dam Lakes and Their Status Within Limnological and Geographical Studies

  • Alin Mihu-Pintilie


According to the geographical terminology, Limnology is a department of science that studies natural and artificial lakes taking into account their formation, hydrological, thermal and chemical conditions, the developmental capacity of flora and fauna associations, the connections to the environment and the potential for exploitation by man. Natural dam lakes are included in a rather special category of lacustrine basins, since they display a different set of characteristics as far as the research methodology is concerned. On most occasions they are regarded as a consequence of geomorphological processes and even as a hazard factor for human society. For this reason, the majority of the studies in the international literature belong to geologists, geomorphologists and geophysicists, with a significantly low percentage of them belonging to researchers in other fields. In accord with the viewpoint underlying the present study, we consider that the Cuejdel lacustrine basin, at present, following all the premises accepted by both sides (geographers and biologists) fits into the definition of a natural lake. The Red Lake is perhaps the best known natural dam lake in the Eastern Carpathians. Until recently it had been considered the largest natural dam lake in Romania, surface-wise as well as volumetrically, but after 1991, when the natural dam lake Cuejdel was formed (Stânişoarei Mountains), it moved to the second position in this classification. The work “Limnology of the Red Lake, Romania. An interdisciplinary study”, authored by Romanescu et al. (2013) and published by Springer, basically acted as a model for the present study, which is meant as a continuation of the research on the natural dam lakes formed in the Romanian Carpathians.


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