A Traffic Light Recognition Device

  • Thiago Almeida
  • Hendrik Macedo
  • Leonardo Matos
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 738)


Traffic lights detection and recognition research has grown every year. Time is coming when autonomous vehicle can navigate in urban roads and streets and intelligent systems aboard those cars would have to recognize traffic lights in real time. This article proposes a traffic light recognition (TLR) device prototype using a smartphone as camera and processing unit that can be used as a driver assistance. A TLR device has to be able to visualize the traffic scene from inside of a vehicle, generate stable images, and be protected from adverse conditions. To validate this layout prototype, a dataset was built and used to test an algorithm that uses an adaptive background suppression filter (AdaBSF) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs) to detect traffic lights. The application of AdaBSF and subsequent classification with SVM to the dataset achieved 100% precision rate and recall of 65%. Road testing shows that the TLR device prototype meets the requirements to be used as a driver assistance device.


Traffic light detection and recognition Support vector machines Computer vision Expert systems 



The authors thank CAPES and FAPITEC-SE for the financial support [Edital CAPES/FAPITEC/SE No 11/2016—PROEF, Processo 88887.160994/2017-00]. The authors also thank FAPITEC-SE for granting a graduate scholarship to Thiago Almeida and CNPq for granting a productivity scholarship to Hendrik Macedo [DT-II, Processo 310446/2014-7].


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  • Hendrik Macedo
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  • Leonardo Matos
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